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Friendly Ford Makes Equine Dreams Come True

ROSELLE, Illinois Friendly Ford converted a 2001 Ford Excursion SUV for free to help an unusual passenger — a miniature horse named Teddy — ride in style.

Teddy, one of the many stars at Equine Dreams, a nonprofit that provides therapeutic horseback riding and horse visits to children and adults with disabilities, now has a barnlike pen in the back of the special Excursion.

The revised Excursion can accommodate two mini ponies.

It cost Friendly Ford, its vendors, neighbors and volunteers more than $21,000 to reconfigure the vehicle, raise its roof and add a drain to Teddy's stall, among other changes, dealership co-owner Randy Yockey told Edmunds.

The dealership chronicled the process on YouTube.

While Teddy used to be pulled in a trailer, it proved too difficult to get into the tight places that Equine Dreams was asked to visit, Yockey said.

Despite footing the bill, Yockey elected to leave Friendly Ford's logo off of the Excursion's wrap.

"It was such a humbling experience to be a part of it after seeing the enormous joy it brings to seniors and kids that it didn't seem right to put our name on it," Yockey said.

Yockey has arranged to show the Excursion to customers August 15 when the dealership hosts its Customer Appreciation Day and free car show.

"The project brought our Friendly Ford team, vendors and neighbors together and we want to make the greater community aware of all the good Equine Dreams does," he said.

Edmunds says: An Excursion becomes a horse of a different color, thanks to this caring dealership.

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