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Express Delivery Program Gets Car Shoppers In and Out of the Dealership Fast

Just the Facts:
  • Brannon Honda created what it calls Express Delivery, a program made to keep car shoppers' time at the dealership to a minimum.
  • When the customers who use the service arrive, all that is left to do is inspect the car, sign the forms and drive away.
  • The dealership estimates that the customers who use the service are in and out of the dealership in about 30 minutes.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — There is no doubt that the Internet has made car shopping faster and easier. However, the sales process can always be improved upon, and progressive dealerships are looking for ways to make buying a car even better.

Brannon Honda has found a way to make a car deal flow more smoothly by reducing the time a customer needs to dedicate to making a deal. In December 2013, the Honda dealership began to offer its shoppers what it calls Express Delivery. As the name implies, the idea is to deliver a car to a car shopper quickly.

"We felt the need to create something faster, because we saw many customers were doing everything they could to circumvent the standard long sales process. So we came up with this," says Melissa Atkinson, Internet sales manager at Brannon Honda.

Here is how Express Delivery works:

When car shoppers have selected a vehicle from online inventory, they can negotiate a deal over the phone or online. Once the salesperson and the shopper have worked out a price, the shopper fills out an online credit application. According to Atkinson, the dealership will respond with exact payment information in e-mail form, usually within 20 minutes of receiving the application.
If Brannon Honda and the buyer agree on the deal, the salesperson then loads the terms into the dealership's finance and insurance computer programs, where they are available to be printed as soon as the customer comes in. The dealership then washes and prepares the vehicle for delivery.

The first thing the car shopper does when arriving at the dealership is inspect the car. Assuming everything checks out, the buyer moves on to the finance department. There will be a finance manager waiting to go over the final documents, collect signatures and explain (if needed) the legal language in the sales or lease contract.

Atkinson estimates that the average customer who uses the Express Delivery will be in and out of the dealership within 30 minutes, with virtually no waiting.

The service "is really geared toward helping busy professionals get on with their purchase, and get on with their lives," Atkinson says.

Edmunds says: Buying a car doesn't need to be a long, drawn-out process. Dealerships like Brannon Honda are proving that the sales process can be quick, efficient and easy.

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