Britain's Radical To Show New RXC Coupe at 2013 Salon Prive

Just the Facts:
  • British automaker Radical will display the extreme new RXC coupe at London's 2013 Salon Prive in September.
  • The hard-core RXC mixes Le Mans race engineering with a new gullwing coupe body and has been designed for overwhelming performance on both the track and road.
  • U.S sales and pricing are yet to be confirmed.

LONDON — For Radical's new RXC coupe, the mission is simple and clear-cut: to stand as the most extreme road-legal coupe that money can buy.

The Radical RXC will debut at London's 2013 Salon Prive concours and supercar show in September. The Radical RXC is priced in the United Kingdom at the U.S. equivalent of $143,900.

"The RXC will indeed be available in the U.S., initially as a track car, but we are investigating homologation for the U.S. market," wrote Will Brown, Radical Sportscars marketing executive, in response to an Edmunds query. "We already have over 30 interested customers ready to test in the U.S., on top of another 150 worldwide."

"The Radical RXC blows apart what was previously thought possible in the supercar marketplace," the company said in a statement. "RXC is faster, more visually aggressive, more dynamic and performance-focused than anything this sector has ever seen."

Radical is a British specialist sports car maker long renowned for making minimalist, ultra-fast open cars.

But the RXC is a new departure. An all-new closed roof design inspired by current Le Mans LMP thinking, the RXC has been conceived by the Radical team from the ground up as a pure racing car for the road.

Owners will also use it for track days, while an even more extreme race version is being set up to run in International GT and sports-car championships.

The RXC is a compact, fiercely uncompromised package, with a Ford-based V6 engine and seven-speed transmission developed specifically for the car.

The Duratec-based 3.7-liter V6 pounds out 380 horsepower, but Radical says it can also offer an even heftier 480-hp 3.0-liter V8 for markets and championships that allow it.

Billed as Radical's most technically advanced car, the RXC has gullwing doors and a body using both carbon-fiber and composite sections. Curb weight is set at a trim 1,984 pounds.

Radical, one of a small group of energetic builders of extreme sports cars in the United Kingdom, first came to prominence when its Radical SR8 claimed the Nürburgring production car lap record with a 6-minute, 55-second time back in September 2005 — this at a time when Porsche and Nissan were publicly duking it out for 'Ring lap time bragging rights.

The question then was whether the SR8 really qualified as a "production car," in the same way as a GT-R or 911. Many thought the claim was pretty tenuous.

The Salon Prive is a tony event in London for top end luxury and sports cars that's now in its eighth year and striving to compare itself with the likes of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Edmunds says: Those plucky Brits at Radical do it again with the new hyper GT, the RXC.

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