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Advantage Chevrolet Powers Up Longer Lunches for Exercise Breaks

HODGKINS, Illinois Advantage Chevrolet believes in the power lunch hour.

The dealership offers its sales managers and some of its salespeople a two-hour lunch break to allow them to work out and dine, not only to keep them healthy, but to help customers enjoy their shopping experience more, Krystal Roberts, variable operations director, told Edmunds.

"If you have healthier employees, they are less sluggish, more productive, more alert and they're more positive," Roberts said. "They don't complain about their aches and pains anymore because the exercise has alleviated that pain."

While the dealership has offered the extended lunch period for a couple of years, only recently did eight of its people begin taking advantage of it after a pair of managers had serious heart episodes, one while on the job.

"We sell 300-plus units a month, so this is not a typical store because a lot of our people don't leave until 10:30 at night because it's so busy," she said. "If they want to take a longer lunch hour to fit a workout in, I applaud it."

Roberts uses the extended lunch to work out three days a week at a nearby Life Time Fitness, where several dealership customers are personal trainers, she said.

"It's a nice place to get healthier while seeing others in the community," Roberts said.

Edmunds says: Exercise does the heart and the bottom line good.

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