Chevy Colorado a "Go" for U.S.

By John O'Dell October 11, 2011

Chevrolet Colorado US version R34 _large thumb.jpg

General Motors made it official – the redesigned Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup will be sold in the United States, continuing the nameplate after the planned closure next year of the company’s present midsize pickup plant in Shreveport, La. The automaker didn’t say where the U.S. version of the new Colorado would be built or when it will begin appearing in dealers’ showrooms. Extension of the Colorado nameplate has been expected. AutoObserver previously reported that the United Auto Workers union’s recent summary of its new contract with GM says there will be a midsize pickup built at the General Motors plant in Wentzville, Mo.

The 2012 Colorado designed for overseas markets went into production last week at GM’s plant in Rayong, Thailand. The truck was introduced as the Colorado Rallye concept at the Frankfurt auto show in September. Typically, GM builds its pickups – small and large – as both Chevrolet and GMC models. But the company didn’t say whether it planned to do a GMC version of the new Colorado. The present generation model is sold as the GMC Canyon. The plan to continue the Chevrolet Colorado nameplate in the United States was announced by Mary Barra, GM’s senior vice president for global product development, during a Chevrolet Centennial celebration at the automaker’s design center in Warren, Mich.

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