Bentley Motors to Debut Biofuel Car in March, Make Model Available Later This Year

By Scott Doggett January 28, 2009

Bentley-Geneva-Teaser.jpg Bentley Motors will debut a biofuel-powered coupe or sedan in early March at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show and the vehicle will enter production later this year, the company said.

As we reported last month, the British luxury-car maker is developing ethanol-powered versions of all of its large-engined models in an effort to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions from its entire product range by 40 percent within three years.

A statement the company released on Tuesday said nothing more than we reported in the first paragraph of this story, but our sister site -'s very own Inside Line - managed to pry a few additional details out of Bentley spokesman David Reuter today.

Reuter said the biofuel Bentley will be more expensive than the Bentley Continental GT Speed, which sells for $203,000, and it will be more powerful than the 600-horsepower, 13-miles-per-gallon coupe.

However, unless the biofuel car is intended to run on E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent petrol) - very unlikely - and gets substantially better fuel economy than the Continental GT Speed, describing the yet-to-be-named Bentley an eco-sensitive car would be a rather enormous stretch.

That said, we applaud Bentley for taking a step in the right direction. And from what we can see of the car from the teaser photo the automaker supplied (above), the biofuel Bentley is a beauty.

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