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Vic Bailey Volkswagen Sponsors New Concert Series

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina Vic Bailey Volkswagen is sponsoring a new free summer concert series at RJ Rockers Brewing Company that doubles as a fundraiser for the Charles Lea Center Foundation to help people with disabilities.

While the music is free, a portion of the beer and pint glass sales will go to the cause.

Vic Bailey also is selling glow sticks for $5. They enter patrons into a game of chance for prizes.

"For our first concert in June, we had about 600 people attend and it was a fun time, so we think word will get out and the crowds will grow with each one," Hal Foster, dealership general manager, told Edmunds.   

The remaining shows, on July 29 and August 26, will happen rain or shine.

Foster will park a 2016 Volkswagen Passat and a Golf GTI on site to remind patrons of its product line.

Foster said it was easier to host the concert series at RJ Rockers rather than in the showroom because the brewery had previously held a music series before, its facility is larger and it opened the door on a potentially new customer.

"It's a way to meet people where they are rather than where we are," Foster said.

Edmunds says: This dealership strikes the right note when it comes to community involvement.

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