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Ford Celebrates the Mustang's 60th Birthday With Two Big Announcements

The Mustang's 60th kicks off with a pair of important announcements

Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Edition badge
  • The Ford Mustang will soon be available with a 60th Anniversary Appearance package.
  • Ford celebrates the 'Stang's 60th with a special event at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
  • Further details on what the package entails will be announced at the Charlotte event on April 17.

Ford is celebrating a significant Mustang milestone with a pair of announcements that are sure to draw interest from fans of Ford's long-running pony car. Not only will the Blue Oval introduce a limited-edition 60th Anniversary Appearance package for the Mustang, but the automaker will also take part in a Mustang fan event held at Charlotte Motor Speedway on April 17. The event at Charlotte will allow attendees to get a first look at a new Mustang with the appearance pack.

This is peanuts compared to what the rest of the event promises to offer. Mustang fans can meet Ford Performance racing drivers and check out a cornucopia of racing Mustangs in the sheetmetal, including the Mach-E 1400. Ford will also offer ride-alongs on a drift track or around the Charlotte Roval. When not actively looking at or riding in a Mustang, Ford will showcase the car’s healthy aftermarket through the “Pony Personalization Corner.” There, vendors like RTR will show off parts and accessories for the current S650 Mustang.

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Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Appearance Package badge

Ford is being coy about the details of the appearance package, sharing naught but a couple of teaser images of the badging. The badging shows a model based on the 5.0-liter V8-powered GT, but there's no stopping Ford from offering the 60th Anniversary Appearance package for the turbocharged four-cylinder engine, too. Given the package’s name, it’s unlikely this will feature serious mechanical changes, if any, and will instead focus on cosmetic enhancements. For instance, on the ‘Stang’s 50th birthday, Ford produced 1,964 (the year the Mustang began production) special-edition cars with exclusive badging and colors and clever fake louvers made with different levels of glass tinting. Notably, these models also included the Performance package, which equipped the then-new Mustang with six-piston front Brembo brakes, 19-inch wheels and Pirelli P Zero performance tires. We’ll see if Ford offers a similar range of upgrades for the upcoming special edition.

Edmunds says

The Mustang’s 60th anniversary is a big one, and while celebrating with owners and fans is a cool idea, we don't know if the upcoming 60th Anniversary Appearance package will be anywhere near as special as the 50th-anniversary special-edition cars.