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2025 BMW i4 Is Refreshed, But You'll Have to Squint to Notice the Differences

The mildest of updates

2025 BMW i4 front
  • A lightly refreshed BMW i4 debuts for 2025.
  • It gets new exterior lighting treatment and a handful of updates to the interior.
  • Sabertoothed "grille" remains.

It's hard to believe, but the BMW i4 launched three years ago, and that means it's time for BMW to introduce a few updates to the compact electric sedan to keep it competitive. To that end, the refreshed 2025 BMW i4 debuts with a streamlined interior, an updated infotainment system and revised exterior lighting. (Some variants even add the laser taillights from the limited-production M4 CSL.) Unfortunately, the uselessly large bucktooth grille is stayed the executioner's axe; BMW EV buyers who want to drive their new car without embarrassment will still have to upgrade to the larger i5.

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2025 BMW i4 profile

What powers the i4?

The i4's powertrain offerings remain unchanged. The entry-level eDrive35 is powered by a single motor that drives the rear wheels and produces 282 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The eDrive40 also uses a single motor and RWD, but output rises to 335 hp and 317 lb-ft. Step up to the xDrive40 and you'll add an extra motor in the front — meaning this version has all-wheel drive — and a boost to 396 hp and 443 lb-ft. The mighty M50 also employs AWD, with a major bump to 469 hp and 538 lb-ft, which can temporarily increase to 536 hp and 586 lb-ft courtesy of a boost mode.

Range varies across the different trim levels and often depends on which size wheels you specify. The base eDrive35 uses a smaller battery pack than the rest, with a usable capacity of 68.7 kWh, and is rated to deliver a max of 276 miles. All others use an 84.3-kWh pack; the eDrive40 is rated at 301 miles, the xDrive40 at 307 miles, and the M50 at 269 miles.

These range numbers are all well and good, but you might notice superior driving range on the road. On our real-world Edmunds EV Range Test, an eDrive40 with 19-inch wheels was rated at 270 miles but achieved an as-tested range of 307 miles. An M50 with 20-inch tires was rated at 227 miles, though it delivered 268 miles of range in our real-world test.

2025 BMW i4 interior

What's updated inside the i4's cabin?

Changes start with a new two-spoke steering wheel, though the classic three-spoke design is still available in models with the M Sport package (which includes the M50). The three-spoke version now features a flat-bottomed rim and a red marker at the 12 o'clock position.

The infotainment system is also upgraded to iDrive 8.5, an enhancement of the iDrive 8 system that appears in the current i4. Tweaks include customizable widgets on the home screen, improved destination input for the nav system, and new virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen for easy access to high-level functions.

Of note is how the i4's cabin hasn't changed following a refresh — specifically, the adaptive cruise controls. The i4 retains physical buttons for changing the following distance to the car ahead. Newer BMWs (the i5 included) don't include such buttons, so you have to hunt in submenus or use the voice assistant to change the distance. Not having these buttons is an annoyance if you're an ACC power user, and we're happy to see this setting remain immediately configurable via buttons on the steering wheel.

2025 BMW i4 rear

Edmunds says

Changes to the 2025 BMW i4 are quite minor, and if a dealer makes you a smoking deal on a 2024 model, take it. With the price being equal, however, there are a few upgrades to the 2025 that make it a slightly superior choice.

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