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Corvette E-Ray vs. McLaren 750S: One Of the Quickest U-Drags Ever

600-plus-horsepower machines go head-to-head

Edmunds U-Drags: Chevy Corvette E-Ray vs. McLaren 750S
  • McLaren is no stranger to making shockingly fast machines, and the 750S is its newest rocket.
  • The Corvette E-Ray is the first Corvette to ever have all-wheel drive.
  • Which of these two is quickest on our drag strip? Watch the video to find out!

McLaren is no stranger to Edmunds U-Drags. The last time we featured a McLaren here it was the 765LT, which sits at the top of our leaderboard to this day. It was king of the hill, putting to bed whatever we happened to stack it up against. Now we have a new contender from Woking: the 750S. The combination of a lightweight carbon-fiber chassis, a hugely powerful twin-turbo V8, and rear-wheel drive remains. But the 750S might be even quicker still thanks to shorter gearing and less drag. So with something expected to be so quick, what would we put it up against?

A homegrown American hero: the Chevrolet Corvette. The E-Ray is the newest version of the eighth-generation Corvette. It combines a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 with a front-axle-mounted electric motor. Put the two together and you get a 650-horsepower all-wheel-drive monster. It might weigh more than the McLaren, but it features a slick double-clutch gearbox and that mid-mounted V8 for superb traction off the line. 

The numbers are so similar we're going to have to let the drag strip decide this one. Check out the video below to see who takes the crown in one of our fastest U-Drags yet.

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If you have the need for speed, you're going to love this one.