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Genesis Neolun Concept Is a GV90 with Futuristic Styling Elements

Genesis GV90, is that you?

Genesis Neolun Concept front
  • Genesis unveils the Neolun concept ahead of the New York Auto Show.
  • This large electric SUV features far-out elements like floor heating and swiveling front seats.
  • Concept car shenanigans aside, there's a lot here that could make it to a production Genesis GV90.

Just two days before the kickoff of the New York Auto Show, Genesis pulled the wraps off its new concept car. Called the Neolun, or "new moon," this large electric SUV showcases a first-class interior lounge that looks more Rolls-Royce than fancy Hyundai.

Genesis Neolun Concept profile

While there are elements that are clearly not intended for real-life implementation, Genesis has a habit of creating production vehicles that hew closely to their concepts. We expect the Neolun will follow in the footsteps of models like the Genesis GV80 Coupe concept — which morphed only slightly to become the production GV80 Coupe — and we believe it previews an eventual three-row GV90.

Genesis Neolun Concept interior

The concept doesn't have room for seven, however. Opening the rear-hinged back doors reveals a wide portal to the interior that's unencumbered by a B-pillar (a concept car staple). Each of the four seats features quilted leather upholstery (with a different pattern for the seat centers and side bolsters) and a footrest for maximum relaxation. The front seats swivel, too, so the pilot and front passenger can hold a face-to-face conversation with their friends. We hope all occupants are comfortable with one another because those legs and knees have to go somewhere.

Genesis Neolun Concept dashboard

The front environment is even more confounding, with a steering wheel that doesn't appear to have space for an airbag, a giant screen that could prove challenging for shorter drivers to peer over, and a shifter that looks like a stalk-mounted gear selector rotated up 90 degrees. And then there's the vertically mounted toggles and a clock-like decoration in the dash that — from the press images, at least — appears to house some sort of black goo. Insidious liquid aside, we appreciate that Genesis is really shooting for the moon with the interior. One thing we hope makes it to production? The indirect warming elements that raise the cabin temperature by heating the dashboard, doors, floor and seatbacks.

The Neolun's exterior is a little more conventional but is nonetheless impressive. Imagine a Kia EV9 with rounded edges that was given a once-over by the Range Rover designers, and you're almost there. The all-LED facsimile of Genesis' shield grille gives the Neolun a distinctive face, while Maybach-like monoblock wheels tie this concept to some of the most exclusive luxury vehicles on the road today.

Genesis Neolun Concept rear

Edmunds says

While the Neolun concept certainly has a lot of far-out design elements, there's a lot here that could be implemented in a production Genesis GV90.