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GV60 Magma Concept Kicks Off Genesis' Performance Division

This red-hot concept is headed for production

Genesis GV60 Magma concept, rear three-quarter
  • Genesis will launch a new lineup of performance cars under the Magma name.
  • The first is previewed by this GV60 Magma concept, debuting at the 2024 New York Auto Show.
  • This one won't be a concept for long; Genesis confirms the GV60 Magma will go into production soon.

That's right: Magma. Genesis' new performance division is Dr. Evil-approved, introduced Monday ahead of the 2024 New York Auto Show with a concept car based on the GV60 electric SUV. The name is obviously appropriate, given the eye-searing shade of orange paint on this show car. But from what Genesis is telling us in New York this week, it looks like Magma's future is red-hot indeed.

For starters, Genesis says the GV60 Magma will go into production, though it's unclear exactly when that'll be. We also don't know what kind of power this car will throw down, though it could be similar to the 601 horsepower and 545 lb-ft of torque offered by the GV60's corporate cousin, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.

What do we know? Genesis says the front air intake is lower and wider for better cooling, and aerodynamic canards add downforce. Huge fender flares have outlets to cool the brakes, and 21-inch aero wheels are wrapped in what look like fat, sticky tires. Fins on the roof help with overall airflow, as does the big rear wing. Inside, Genesis says the GV60 Magma has bucket seats trimmed in Nappa leather and suede with, naturally, orange accents.

Genesis Magma lineup

Remember, though, Magma isn't just related to the GV60; this is an entire new performance division within Genesis. The company is also showing the original GV80 Coupe Concept, which was the first vehicle to wear this new shade of orange, plus a limited-production G80 Magma Special and the X Gran Berlinetta concept.

"A select number of partner companies with expertise in high-performance vehicles have come together to develop the G80 Magma Special," Genesis said in a statement, without providing additional details. Actually, well, there's one more detail, and it's a bummer for those of us in the U.S.: "The G80 Magma Special will be exclusively available in the Middle East." Darn.

Edmunds says

Hyundai's N division is proof that the Hyundai Motor Group knows how to make rowdy performance cars. Here's hoping that same know-how is alive and well in Genesis' future Magma products.