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Drag Race! Bentley Continental GT Speed Takes On the BMW M8 Competition

600-plus-horsepower luxury machines go head-to-head on our U-Drags circuit

Edmunds U-Drags: BMW M8 vs. Bentley Continental GT Speed
  • We put two mega-powerful land yachts together on our U-Drags course.
  • The BMW is no stranger to U-Drags and has its fair share of big wins.
  • Does the W12-powered Continental GT Speed have enough grunt to put this Bimmer in its place?

The BMW M8 is no stranger to Edmunds U-Drags. The last time we had it on our drag strip, it was king of the hill, putting to bed whatever we stacked it up against. The M8 might weigh more than 2 tons, but the combination of all-wheel drive and more than 600 horsepower makes it a ferocious foe for all sorts of cars.

Cue the Bentley Continental GT Speed. It might be a 2-plus-ton barge in its own right, but it has four more cylinders than the BMW, a similarly quick-shifting automatic transmission, and an all-wheel-drive system capable of throwing down that force. The Bentley makes more power, with 650 hp, but offers less power per cylinder. That said, the Bentley Boys loved going fast when they founded the company in 1919, and crushing continents at speed is exactly what this, well, Continental, was made for. 

Check out the video below to see who takes the crown in one of our heaviest (and most luxurious) U-Drags to date.