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The Tesla Cybertruck Gets Its First Big Update, Locking Diffs

Plus, there's an off-road driving assist, a CyberTent Mode, and much more.

2024 Tesla Cybertruck
  • The Trail Assist system is like cruise control for off-roading.
  • The CyberTent Mode levels the suspension for an easier night's sleep
  • The adaptive suspension is more accurately able to adjust the suspension depending on the payload.

Tesla has a major software upgrade for the Cybertruck that should make the electric pickup much more capable off-road. There's even a feature to make sleeping in the Basecamp tent a little more comfortable.

Tesla bundles most of the new features into the Cybertruck's Off-Road Mode. Most notably, the pickup gains locking differentials for the dual-motor all-wheel-drive trim and a front locking diff for the tri-motor Cyberbeast — it already has a virtual rear-locking differential because thetwo motors back there can act independently.

Both Cybertruck trims shipped with the hardware for differential locking, but the company didn't activate those features until this software update.

The locking differentials should improve the Cybertruck's traction on rugged terrain. If one wheel starts spinning, the vehicle can direct torque to the wheel on the opposite side to get more grip. To activate the system, owners need to go into Off-Road Mode, select Overland, and toggle the locking differentials.

A Slippery Surface setting lets drivers activate the rear locking differential on the road. However, Tesla warns a person should only do this temporarily.

The Overland setting improves the Cybertruck's performance in low-traction situations, such as on loose rocks, snow, or sand. There's also a Baja Mode that sets up the pickup for better balance.

Tesla also introduced a Trail Assist feature to the Cybertruck, which lets the driver focus on steering while the pickup slowly crawls along at a set speed. This system is similar to those available on off-road-focused models from other automakers.


The company is making it more comfortable to use the Basecamp tent by introducing the CyberTent mode. It levels the suspension and keeps the tonneau cover open.

There are some Cybertruck upgrades that have nothing to do with going off-road. The aforementioned Slippery Surface mode prioritizes traction on slick roads by distributing traction. Another update improves the adaptive suspension to estimate the weight of the payload in the bed more accurately and adjust the ride appropriately.

Tesla isn't announcing a specific release date for this software upgrade, but the info on X (formerly Twitter) says that it is "rolling out soon."

Edmunds says

The upgrade is welcome, but it seems like some of these features are things that the Cybertruck should have from the very beginning.