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The 2025 Lotus Eletre Is Big, Not Pretty, and Costs Over $100K

Is it worth getting over something like a BMW iX?

2025 Lotus Eletre front
  • The 2025 Lotus Eletre electric SUV is available to order in the U.S. starting today.
  • The base Eletre costs $107,000, while the 905-hp R version will cost $145,000, excluding destination and handling fees.
  • Lotus says that the Eletre will reach 60 mph in under 3.0 seconds.

Lotus’s first electric SUV, the Eletre (pronounced e-leh-tra), is now available to order in the U.S. The Eletre, available in two models, the Eletre and the more powerful Eletre R (there’s a midgrade S model in other markets but not ours), arrives just in time to compete with other electric crossovers from BMW, Cadillac and Rivian. Only, it really won't, because the Eletre's base price is six figures. Pricing will start at $107,000 when the Eletre starts arriving this fall, and that's before destination and handling charges are applied (because Lotus hasn't given them to us yet).

Lotus says that the Eletre’s lithium-ion battery pack can help it travel up to 354 miles (down from our initial reporting) on Europe’s generous WLTP testing cycle. You can expect the EPA’s range estimate to be slightly lower than 354 miles, however. An 800-volt architecture means the Eletre will charge quicker than most EVs. Plug into a 350-kW charger, and the Eletre can charge from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes.

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2025 Lotus Eletre rear

All models pull power from a 112-kWh battery and have a dual-motor setup that provides all-wheel drive. The setup offers 603 horsepower and 710 lb-ft of torque in the base model, while the Eletre R has a more powerful rear motor and two-speed gearbox that helps unleash 905 horsepower and 985 lb-ft, resulting in a sub-3.0-second zero-to-60 mph time, according to Lotus. We'll be sure to test that figure once we get our hands on one and strap our timing gear to it.

The Eletra features adaptive dampers and air springs at all four corners that can raise and lower the Eletre based on which of the six drive modes you’re in. The cabin is trimmed with sustainable materials, including Alcantara synthetic suede, and there are seven configurable screens, one of which is the massive 15.1-inch central infotainment display. Lotus says that over-the-air updates will enhance driver assistance tech over time, but Eletres come from the factory equipped with sensors, cameras and lidar.

2025 Lotus Eletre seat

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We haven’t driven the Eletre yet, but once we do we'll be sure to give a more thorough take on whether it's worth buying this very expensive, very heavy Lotus.