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Is Ram's Off-Road Lineup Missing Out?

Ram needs a midsize pickup truck — and soon

2025 Ram 1500 Rebel driving in mud
  • Ram just introduced the RHO, an off-road version of its 1500 pickup.
  • But with a starting price around $70,000, it'll be a tough sell for most people.
  • The time is right for Ram to launch a midsize truck.

Ram, like Dodge, enjoys the big numbers — the Demon 170, boasting 1,025 horsepower, or the Ram 1500 TRX with a blown pushrod V8 making 702 hp and riding on 35-inch all-terrain tires. The company likes to grab attention with its new products, and with the introduction of the 540-hp RHO high-speed off-road full-size pickup that uses the TRX's chassis, Ram boasts that it has "the most capable, most affordable off-road truck lineup in the industry."

But with those big numbers come big price tags and oversized vehicles. Is Ram missing out on the heart of the off-road market?

At a media event for the Ram 1500 RHO last week, Bob Broderdorf, Ram's global operations officer, described the brand's "weekend warrior" customer as diehard off-roaders who believe in everything from the Power Wagon to the Rebel. But the 2500 Power Wagon — which has front and rear locking diffs, has a 149-inch wheelbase, is 83.4 inches wide and weighs over 7,000 pounds — costs $70,220 including destination. The 1500 Rebel, which Broderdorf says is Ram's most popular truck and starts at $66,190, is only slightly narrower, at 82.1 inches wide.

2025 Ram 1500 RHO action

Those trucks, and the new $70,000 1500 RHO, can explore the expansive land in the West and dunes across the country, but they'll have trouble squeezing down tighter trails in other parts of the country like the Midwest, South and East Coast. I live in the Midwest, and my 2007 Toyota 4Runner is covered in pinstripes from brushing up against branches — and there's a big one from bumping hips with a tree. If Ram wants the most off-road-capable lineup, it desperately needs a midsize truck, and the market is hot.

Last year, Chevrolet introduced the new Colorado, offering numerous options for off-road enthusiasts, from the TrailBoss — which has a 2-inch lift, all-terrain tires and a rear locking differential — to the ZR2 Bison that comes from the factory with 35s, front and rear lockers and hardcore underbody protection. The Colorado's corporate sibling, the GMC Canyon, has similar offerings, and the two brands have robust full-size and heavy-duty options, too.

Toyota aims to continue its dominance in the overlanding community with the introduction of the Trailhunter trims on the new Tacoma and 4Runner. They have 33-inch rubber, underbody protection, and a front sway bar disconnect, and owners can add on things like an ARB bed rack or roof rack, rooftop tent and sliding fridge in the bed, all from the dealership. Heavy-duty shocks from ARB's Old Man Emu help support the weight of all the overlanding gear. The TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road models also offer things off-roaders want, like 33-inch AT tires, front sway bar disconnects and locking diffs.

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor profile

And then there's Ford, finally bringing the Ranger Raptor stateside for when the F-150 is just too big. It has a similar formula: 33s, locking diffs on both axles and a 405-hp twin-turbo V6. Now, if that's too hardcore, Ford offers an FX4 package with a tuned suspension, rear locker, all-terrain tires and underbody skid plates.

Ram says it wants to expand its Mopar parts catalog for the off-road customer. On Mopar's online catalog, the only part available under the Rebel's "lifestyle and off-road accessories" menu is a set of rock sliders. "We have a couple of things up our sleeve, just without too much peeking under the tent of where I think we can go down the road," Broderdorf said about expanding Mopar's book.

Will Ram soon offer a midsize truck in the U.S., something that's been rumored for years? It's unclear. The company says there are some exciting announcements coming toward the end of the year, but for now, off-road enthusiasts who don't want to spend big bucks on a big truck will have to drive past Ram dealerships.

Edmunds says

Toyota has already sold over 20,000 Tacomas this year and has has the best-selling midsize truck for decades. Chevy is creeping toward Toyota, moving close to 15,000 Colorados this year, and the Ford Ranger is arriving at dealerships nationwide. If Ram wants the most capable truck lineup in the industry, it desperately needs a new midsize offering.