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It's Been a Turbulent Journey With Our Long-Term Fisker Ocean

We've weathered stormy seas with our Fisker Ocean — are calmer waters ahead?

Edmunds long-term Fisker Ocean update
  • We bought a Fisker Ocean for $69,012 in January 2024.
  • It's lost 69% of its value in just three months.
  • Has a big software update solved any of our problems?

The start of our Fisker Ocean ownership journey has been bumpy, to say the least. We experienced numerous software glitches, a key that didn’t want to unlock our vehicle, and a hill-hold feature that was more of a hill-pause. Then came the gut punch: Our Ocean has lost 69% of its value in the three months we’ve owned it. Ouch.

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That news came shortly after Fisker dramatically cut prices on the Ocean. That happened before Fisker was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange but after the company released Version 2.0 of the Ocean's software. So, did the update solve any of our Ocean's problems? Where does Fisker go from here? And why do we recommend you stay away from this start-up electric vehicle? Check out our video.

Edmunds says

Here's hoping our Ocean can eventually find its way out of rough waters.

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