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Lucid Air Grand Touring Gets Sapphire Parts for Improved Range, Charging

A new heat pump improves the Air's cold-weather performance

Lucid Air Grand Touring driving
  • The Lucid Air Grand Touring gets a few meaningful updates that improve its efficiency.
  • A new heat pump borrowed from the Air Sapphire means the Grand Touring is better equipped to deliver its impressive range in cold-weather conditions.
  • The EPA rates the 2024 Air Grand Touring at 516 miles, and we look forward to putting the updated sedan through the Edmunds EV Range Test.

Lucid learned a lot from the Air Sapphire — and not just how to make a 5,336-pound, 1,234-horsepower electric sedan handle like a gosh-darn dream. A new heat pump plus revised battery cell chemistry and thermal characteristics allow the Air Sapphire to perform at its best. And now these changes are making their way to other Air models, starting with the 2024 Grand Touring.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring has the longest EPA-estimated range of any new EV on sale today: 516 miles, which is seriously impressive. Now, Lucid says the GT is better poised to deliver that range across a broader spectrum of temperatures.

"Now equipped with the heat pump from the Air Sapphire, the GT is even more capable of delivering outstanding range even in extremely cold conditions," the company said in a statement. On top of this, Lucid says the new thermal engineering "reduce[s] energy wasted as heat and enable[s] the car to perform at its best even during sustained spirited driving."

Lucid also says the Air Grand Touring benefits from 15% to 30% faster charging thanks to improved preconditioning that allows the battery to take in energy as fast as possible. We'll be eager to put this through the Edmunds EV Charging Test; the Air Grand Touring's 900-volt architecture already allows it to take in energy at rates of up to 300 kW, though that still puts it in 18th place on our leaderboard.

Edmunds says

We'll need to put the 2024 Air Grand Touring through the Edmunds EV Range Test to see how the updated heat pump improves the Grand Touring's real-world range. When we tested our long-term 2022 Air Grand Touring, we saw 465 miles. Perhaps these updates will allow us to meet (or exceed) the EPA estimates.