2020 Chevrolet Corvette: What's It Like to Live With?

Recall issued, over-the-air update applied, problem solved

Chevrolet Corvette 2020
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Latest Highlights (updated 08/27/20)

  • Our C8 Corvette is here!
  • The GT2 seats were the right choice for daily driving comfort
  • Want to attract a crowd? Park the C8 anywhere and wait
  • Feels like you're driving something truly special
  • Over-the-air updates make recalls easy

What We Bought And Why

by Carlos Lago, Manager, Feature Content

Our test vehicle: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe 2LT
Base MSRP: $59,995
MSRP as tested: $80,660
What we paid: $80,660

We at Edmunds have a thing with Corvettes. There are two of them literally hanging off the walls in our office, including a 1966 Stingray (same year this company was founded) that we ran in our long-term fleet. We also ran a seventh generation in our fleet when it was new, in 2014. So when Chevy unveils a new generation of this long-running nameplate, we feel obliged to buy one.

But this eighth-generation Corvette isn't merely an improvement over last year's model — it's the most radical change to the Corvette formula in its history: a mid-engine layout. Where every Corvette model before this one has had its engine positioned ahead of the driver, the 2020 Corvette's 6.2-liter V8 sits between the driver and the rear wheels. This positioning improves acceleration, handling and braking — there's a reason most supercars do the same.

What's more appealing is the value. With a base price of $59,995 and its specs and features, the Corvette is unmatched against any sports car costing less than $100,000. Ours cost a bit more, of course.

What Did We Get?
We specced the midlevel 2LT trim ($7,300) for welcome creature comforts, such as wireless phone charging, a head-up display, driver aids including blind-spot monitoring and an exterior camera for watching curbs. The camera is vital for Los Angeles sports car commuting, along with the electronic nose lift that remembers locations via GPS ($1,495).

We debated which of the three seat options we should pick. We decided on the midlevel GT2 bucket seats ($1,495) since this car would be more of a daily driver than track addict, and we feared how the Competition Sport seats would affect comfort over long drives.

Still, we do plan on doing some track driving, so the Z51 performance package was an absolute must. Though seemingly pricey at $5,000, it delivers a ton of value if you plan on driving fast. The package includes an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, an upgraded exhaust that adds 5 horsepower, Michelin Pilot Sport run-flat summer tires, and performance-oriented brakes and cooling. This package also made available the MagneRide and Performance Traction Management option ($1,895), which adds trick adaptive damping and a clever stability control system that helps you drive faster.

Rapid Blue paint ($500) makes a dramatic impression when you see the car, especially when paired with the Carbon Flash wheels. The wheels may be hard to photograph, but it's an attractive combo in person. We also added red brake calipers ($595), red seat belts ($395) and the Engine Appearance package ($995) whose carbon-fiber panels and LED lighting highlight the location of the engine — an important element of this Corvette.

Why Did We Get It?
A new generation of Corvette is always a significant event, and that's especially true with the eighth-generation version. Its mid-engine configuration and high-end technology features bring exotic levels of drivability and performance, but the price undercuts just about everything worthy of comparison.

From the value proposition to the historical significance, the C8 packs a lot of promise. Living with one for a year (hopefully longer!) will measure how well it lives up to our expectations.

Edmunds purchased this vehicle for the purpose of evaluation.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette: Real-World Fuel Economy

We did slightly better than the EPA's combined fuel economy rating while dutifully following the prescribed 1,500-mile break-in period, which required frequent gear changes, different engine speeds and restricted use of cruise control.

Average lifetime mpg: 19.3
EPA mpg rating: 19 combined ( 15 city / 27 highway )
Best fill mpg: 22.6
Best range (miles):: 347.1
Current odometer: 1,934

2020 Chevrolet Corvette: Maintenance

Value is one of the Corvette's greatest strengths. We're eager to see if the same is true for its service costs — tire destruction aside.

"We had our first recall for the Corvette issued and repaired in a little over a week through an over-the-air update. Upon starting the Corvette one morning, the entertainment system reported an open recall, showing the recall number and potential problem. It appears that somehow Corvette owners were accidentally popping the front trunk (or frunk) and driving around while ignoring the notification that the frunk was unlatched."

"Upon starting the Corvette today, I was greeted by an over-the-air update that seeks to fix the problem. The solution? Limiting vehicle speed to 26 mph when the frunk is open and make it harder to accidentally open the frunk with the key fob.

The update process was just as simple as we've experienced in the Teslas we've owned. Simply start the update, turn the Corvette off, and walk away. Pretty nifty." — Carlos Lago, manager, feature content

Recalls performed on this vehicle

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