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'Vacation' Film Debuts, Tartan Prancer Minivan Steals the Show

SANTA MONICA, California — There's subtle, sophisticated humor ... and then there's the new movie Vacation that's opening today. Strictly from the standpoint of automotive comedy entertainment, it's a pretty good movie. That is, if you don't mind crude, rude and gross humor.

While most reviews will point to Ed Helms and Christina Applegate as the film's stars, from our blinkered perspective it's the Tartan Prancer minivan that steals every scene it's in. It's ridiculous in an ever-general and particular way, which makes it kind of mesmerizing. After some cajoling, Warner Brothers even coughed up a Prancer for us to test against the class-leading Honda Odyssey.

After getting the chance to see a preview of the film, there's little chance that Vacation is going to sweep next year's awards season and there are a few jokes so uncomfortable that laughing at them brought on delayed action guilt. All in all, though, it was fun. And fun still counts.

So count us in agreement with, more or less, the 29 percent of critics on the RottenTomatoes.com movie review aggregator who have given it positive reviews. Yes, that does mean that 71 percent of critics did not like it.

Consider this a conditional endorsement of the film, with the primary condition being a strong stomach for crude humor. Meanwhile, read our comparison test anyhow. And then take a look at this ?commercial? produced by the Vacation writers and directors. It is something we can give unequivocal love.

Edmunds says: Vacation is not a good movie. But it is a fun one, and there's a ridiculous minivan in it that we actually got to drive.

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