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Offering Overnight Test-Drives Help Lexus Dealer Increase Sales

Just the Facts:
  • To make sure potential car buyers get a good introduction to the vehicle, the dealership allows its customers to take overnight test-drives.
  • If a car shopper can't make it to the dealership to see a vehicle, Lexus of Lehigh Valley also will bring the car to the customer's home or work for a product demonstration.
  • The dealership estimates that more than half of the customers who take an overnight test-drive come back and purchase the vehicle.

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania — One of the most important steps a car shopper takes when deciding on a new car is the test-drive. However, most drives simply aren't long enough. Many dealerships have pre-determined test-drive routes, giving car shoppers just a few miles behind the wheel.

Not all dealerships think a test-drive should be short, though. Lexus of Lehigh Valley believes thorough test-drives are so important that it allows its customers to take vehicles overnight.

Extended test-drives give customers a chance to spend more time getting to know the vehicle. It is also a great opportunity for them to drive the car the way they would if they owned it. Car shoppers don't usually get the chance to park in their own garage during a test-drive, for example, but can do that on an overnight experience.

Giving a car shopper more time with the car is also good for the dealership. Scott Avery Jr., sales manager at Lexus of Lehigh Valley, estimates that more than half of the car shoppers who take an overnight test-drive eventually come back and buy the car.

"We know shoppers aren't always comfortable on a test-drive. That's usually not good for them or for us. An overnight test-drive gives customers a lot more time in the car, and in a way [that] they can be completely relaxed."

Overnight test-drives aren't the only unique perk the dealership offers to make car shopping easier. Lexus of Lehigh also offers at-home demonstrations that can be scheduled over the phone or online. About a dozen car shoppers per month request an at-home demonstration, Avery says. The dealership will do an in-home demonstration and leave the car with the shopper for an overnight test-drive.

These customer conveniences require a bit of extra work from the dealership. Avery says Lexus of Lehigh Valley doesn't mind. "Catering to your customers makes sense. Our shoppers expect convenience, and this is one of the ways we make shopping easier for them."

Edmunds says: Offering customers the chance to test-drive in real-world situations is good for both the dealer and the shopper.

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