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Cars Show Their Patriotic Colors for the Fourth of July

SANTA MONICA, California — This weekend, you'll be surrounded by red, white and blue. It's in bunting, fireworks and flags, of course. Here at, the Fourth of July got us thinking: Just how popular are patriotic colors when it comes to the new cars that people are buying? Which states most proudly display America's colors on their roads and in their driveways? And which brands sell the most red, white and blue vehicles? 

Edmunds' exclusive new-car transaction data tells some colorful stories:

White Hot: It's not only the most popular color among all cars sold in the U.S.A, but it is the fastest growing color over the last five years. Red and blue, meanwhile, ranked 5th and 6th among popular car colors.

Red State, Red Car: We don't know if people car-shop with politics in mind, but Edmunds' data has some interesting correlations along those lines. The red states of West Virginia, North Dakota and Oklahoma have the highest percentage of red vehicles, while blue-hued Vermont, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia show the highest percentage of blue cars. It turns out that white cars also are red-state favorites, with their highest percentages being found in Mississippi, Utah and Arizona. Or maybe it's just their heat-reflecting properties.

Brands of the Free: Land Rover sells more white cars (34.1 percent of all its vehicles sold in 2015) than any other automotive brand. Other luxury brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche also are most likely to show up in owners' driveways in shades of white. Scion is the most "red" brand (17.1 percent of all its vehicles sold in 2015), while Mazda is the most "blue" (19.0 percent of all its cars sold).

Model Patriots: If you bought a Honda Ridgeline this year, chances are it was white. More than half (53.2 percent) of all Ridgelines sold in 2015 so far are white. Blue appears to be the color of choice for Volkswagen Golf R buyers (49 percent of all units sold), and nearly one out of every three (31.9 percent) Mazda MX-5 Miata models sold so far this year have been red.

Edmunds says:  From fiery red to pure white to true blue, Americans' cars fly the colors of a great nation.

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