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What's The Buzz? A Great Idea From Greg May Honda

WACO, Texas — The buzz around Greg May Honda is coming from both customers and employees.

Both groups love the dealership's new gadget — restaurant-style buzzers that alert customers when it's their turn — not for a table, but when their car is ready in the service department.

The buzzers allow the customer freedom to roam the car lot or the showroom to check out Honda Accords, Crosstours or Insights. Or get lost in a book and tune out everything around them, dealer principle Greg May told Edmunds.

"We'd had many instances where the customer didn't hear the overhead paging system and our attendant was looking all over for the vehicle owner and couldn't find the person," he said. "We didn't realize until recently just how noisy and time consuming it was."

He purchased 15 buzzers for $1,000 and the difference was immediately noticeable, May said.

"We have received nothing but compliments," he said. "Guests love that everything is ready when the buzzer vibrates. My employees love how much quieter it is without all of the pages or service attendants searching everywhere."

May was so impressed with the dramatic impact that he spent another $1,000 last week to outfit his Greg May Chevrolet store in West, Texas.

"It has been one of the best investments I've ever made," he said.

Edmunds says: Dealerships that pay attention to the little details find they are generating positive buzz all over town.

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