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Zipflip Wins Grand Prize in Third Annual Hackomotive

SANTA MONICA, California Zipflip, which bills itself as "the Airbnb of car shopping," won the $20,000 grand prize at the third annual Hackomotive competition sponsored by

Tennessee-based Zipflip adds a major element of trust to the process by providing identity verification and a payment system so that private car buyers and sellers can feel more confident about the sale.

"This year we hosted the most innovative teams that we've ever had in the three years of Hackomotive, so that only makes Zipflip's win all the more remarkable," said CEO Avi Steinlauf. "There are several start-up companies in today's marketplace who have tremendous ideas for improving the car-buying process, and these ideas offer a very optimistic future for both consumers and dealers."

A $10,000 2nd-place prize was awarded to New York-based Dash for its platform that turns any car into a smart car by connecting to the vehicle's onboard diagnostics.

The $5,000 3rd-place prize went to Kansas City-based BacklotCars for its networking marketplace for dealers that eliminates wholesale auctions.

The Dealers Choice Award went to Fispeed, a platform that speeds up the transaction process at the dealership by implementing electronic documents. The award was chosen by a car dealer secretly embedded in the Hackomotive consumer group.

The Consumers Choice Award was a tie between Zipflip and Wyper, which bills itself as the Tinder for car shopping by allowing users to swipe cars that they do or do not like on their mobile devices. The award was picked by a focus group of 27 recent and in-market car shoppers.

The Future Shopper Choice Award was selected by a class of 8th graders from Maimonides Academy in Los Angeles. They chose CARmera, an image recognition app that identifies vehicles and calls up information on them instantly with just a snap of a photo from a smartphone.

Edmunds says: Congratulations to all the winners!

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