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Tesla's New Partnership With Airbnb Provides Charging Stations at West Coast Properties

PALO ALTO, California Tesla Motors is making it even easier for Tesla Model S electric car owners to hit the road, saying it is providing charging stations to Airbnb hosts on the West Coast in a new partnership.

"Airbnb and Tesla are bringing charging stations to select homes across the globe, starting with the California coast," the automaker said in a statement. "Together, we're building a world with no limits on how far you can travel and how you get there. From remote deserts to lush forests, we're unlocking highways, backroads, adventures and unique homes."

Tesla said it covers the cost of the charger at select homes, but not the installation.

The setup is designed to take the edge off of range anxiety, the concern that an electric vehicle will run out of charge.

Airbnb provides unique rentals to travelers, often at homes and apartments.

The electric startup said it wants to make "Airbnb accessible to a whole new set of travelers."

The West Coast program kicks off at 30 high-end Airbnb properties, including some located in Long Beach and San Francisco, California.

The marketing campaign's slogan is "Be free. Go far."

The campaign debuts as Tesla is getting ready to launch the 2016 Tesla Model X midsize electric SUV in the third quarter.

The Tesla and Airbnb partnership supplements Tesla's growing Supercharger network, which provides charging stations for Model S owners. Tesla said there are 499 Supercharger stations with 2,810 Superchargers.

Hundreds of Tesla's "destination chargers" are also located at hotels, shopping malls and resorts.

Edmunds says: Tesla's charging stations are becoming ubiquitous, something that should be reassuring to Tesla owners.

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