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Praise Rings Loud and Clear for Customer Service at Germain Lexus of Naples

NAPLES, Florida Germain Lexus of Naples frequently receives thank-you notes and social-media salutes for providing above-and-beyond service, including one that involved a hunt for a missing ring.

Howard Brodsky of Manchester, New Hampshire, was in Florida on vacation with his wife Joan when the two stopped in the dealership to check out a 2015 LS 460.

Although Brodsky told certified sales consultant Mark Mellman he wasn't making any purchase decisions that day, Mellman continued to answer his questions.

The Brodskys left, only to return in their rental car a few hours later quite distraught, Mellman told Edmunds.  

Joan Brodsky had removed her platinum diamond engagement ring to put on hand cream. The ring fell between the rental car's seats and after a frantic search in a mall parking lot, the Brodskys couldn't find it.

The couple stopped at a competing dealership they also had visited that day and no one would help them, so they returned to Germain Lexus and asked for Mellman.

"Mark didn't even hesitate," Brodsky told Edmunds. "He looked for several minutes himself, and then led us into the service department where he asked (Service Technician Luis Lopez-Garcia) for help."

Lopez-Garcia dropped everything and ended up unbolting the seat and removing it. He found the ring under the seat track, returning it to the Brodskys.

"They did this for us out of kindness as if we were paying customers, on a rental car no less and, to top it off, it was New Year's Eve and I'm sure everyone wanted to head home soon," Brodsky said.

Brodsky turned to Yelp to give the dealership a top rating and declared Germain Lexus as "one of those increasingly rare businesses that reflects good, kind values whether you're buying a car or not?all the more reason to buy a car there!"

Edmunds says: Ringing in the New Year took on new meaning for a Naples dealership, which made a lasting, positive impression.

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