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Park Place Infiniti Hosts Photo Gallery of Children Awaiting Adoption

LAS VEGAS Park Place Infiniti has opened its newly expanded showroom to The Adoption Exchange "Heart Gallery," a collection of professional photographs of Las Vegas children waiting to be adopted.

The Heart Gallery, which shares the dealership space with six Infiniti sedans and SUVs, highlights the 1,100 Nevada children who wait in foster care for families to adopt them.

It will house the collection until mid-July.

This marks the first time Park Place Infiniti has hosted the gallery. It has traveled to various destinations each year, including malls, since 2007, General Manager Joe Tortomasi told Edmunds.

"From what I understand, at least one child ends up being adopted after hosting the Heart Gallery," Tortomasi said.

Customers from the service department have been in the showroom more since the Heart Gallery opened June 11, Tortomasi said.

"The idea isn't to sell cars but it's a way we feel we can be a part of the community and help children meet their most basic needs — a loving family and a home," he added.

Park Place Infiniti also will title sponsor the Adoption Exchange's annual fundraiser, The Monopoly Tournament this fall. It will feature a silent auction, cocktail reception, dinner and a one-hour Monopoly tournament with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

"Besides it being a good cause, I liked the tie-in with Park Place and Monopoly," Tortomasi said.

Edmunds says: A dealership opens its heart to help adoptive children.

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