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Lincoln Black Label Buyers Groomed for Loyalty

DEARBORN, Michigan Lincoln's latest enhancement to its Black Label brand offers complimentary grooming services during the month of April at five Fellow Barber spas, located in New York and San Francisco.

Current Black Label vehicles include the 2016 Lincoln MKZ sedan, as well as the 2016 MKX and 2017 MKC crossover SUVs.

Lincoln will also offer the Black Label treatment on the refreshed 2017 MKZ and the all-new 2017 Continental sedan, which will begin arriving at Lincoln dealerships later this year.

The Black Label brand features a unique collection of luxury interior appointments, as well as an array of exclusive membership benefits, including a mobile showroom, remote delivery, premium maintenance service with pickup and delivery, complimentary anytime car washes, annual detailing and special treatment at fine-dining restaurants throughout the country.

"The Lincoln Black Label dealer network is designed to cater to our clients on an individual level," said Andrew Frick, Lincoln's director of sales and service operations, in a statement.

This latest collaboration is one more example of that special treatment and helps to give Lincoln more appeal against luxury brands including Cadillac and Infiniti.

Fellow Barber, which opened its first location in 2006, is often credited with sparking the renaissance of the traditional barber shop in New York. Its salons offer a variety of grooming services — including haircuts, styling and straight-razor shaves — while the company's website allows for online ordering of its extensive line of personal care products.

"Lincoln's brand philosophy is a natural fit with Fellow Barber's passion for executing the details and delivering a high-quality experience," said Fellow Barber founder Sam Buffa. "Lincoln Black Label strongly resonates with the Fellow Barber customer. Each interior design treatment presents the vehicle in a unique and authentic way — much like the way we style our clients to express who they are."

Edmunds says: Lincoln Black Label buyers should prepare for some pampering.

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