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2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan First Look: The Most Popular Roller Gets a Face-Lift

New looks, new tech, same old Rolls-Royce

2025 Rolls Royce Cullinan
  • The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II is here.
  • It changes up the interior and exterior looks for an even more posh feel.

Ah, Rolls-Royce. The maker of some of the finest motorcars in the world has just graced the world with the new Cullinan Series II. By that, it means there's just been a face-lift that attempts to make the Cullinan less of an eyesore. The Cullinan is, after all, Rolls' best-seller, so getting it right is pretty important to the British marque's bottom line.

The first thing you'll notice is what Rolls has done to the exterior. There are changes to the front and rear fascias that are relatively successful. The now illuminated pantheon grille, new front bumper, reworked headlights, and the slightly reprofiled sides and rear end give the Cullinan more presence while also making it easier on the eyes. There are also reworked exhaust outlets with a new mirror-like surface to them. Lastly, the Cullinan can now be had on 23-inch wheels — the biggest ever fitted to a Roller — that feature a new seven-spoke design.

Nothing has changed mechanically about the Cullinan. It still uses a 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine. It makes the same 563 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque as before and still sends that power to all four wheels. There will be a Black Badge version that bumps horsepower to 600 hp, however.

The inside is all about details. There is now a glass panel that stretches across the entire dashboard, and the Cullinan adopts the Spectre's infotainment system. There's a new laser-etched panel for the passengers to look at and a sort of clock cabinet that also hosts a miniaturized version of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the little chromed woman that adorns the hood of all Rolls-Royces.

The two rear-seat riders each get their own screen to stream their music and TV shows to, and of course, the Cullinan comes with headphones for each. There is also an 18-speaker, 1,400-watt sound system for when you really want to drown out the plebians outside.

There is also a new fabric seat inlay option for the Cullinan. The new Duality Twill is made from bamboo fibers. It uses up to 2.2 million stitches to finish, contains up to 11 miles of thread in total, and took the company four whole years to develop. That's the level of attention to detail that only Rolls-Royce can really deliver.

The new Cullinan is a bit more expensive than its previous base price of around $375,000, but given the fresh looks, the reworked tech interface, and the even more opulent interior we hardly doubt its prospective buyers will mind.