Holler Honda Seeks To Make Car Shopping "as Simple as Shopping for Groceries"

Just the Facts:
  • Holler Honda aims to make shopping for a vehicle "as simple as shopping for groceries."
  • The Orlando, Florida, dealership also promises its service customers that it will not sell them services they don't need or understand.
  • Holler offers vehicle buyers a five-day/300-mile return or exchange policy to ensure customers get the right car for their needs.

ORLANDO, Florida Holler Honda in Orlando, Florida has an ambitious goal: to make shopping for a new vehicle "as simple as shopping for groceries."

To achieve this, the dealership has created its "Buy Smart-Be Happy" program. This program is in place so that current and future customers get the most out of each dealership visit in a way that is free of stress.   

Often, dealership initiatives focus solely on the new-car buyer. That's what makes this program noteworthy: It encompasses nearly every aspect of the dealership's operations, from new- and used-car sales to service and parts.  

The Buy Smart-Be Happy program at Holler Honda comprises 12 promises that the dealership makes to customers. For example, Promise No. 3, "The Safety Net," tells customers: "You can't buy the wrong car." That's because Holler has a five-day return or exchange policy. If a shopper selects and purchases a car that isn't exactly right, he can exchange it for a different vehicle or get a refund within five days or 300 miles of purchase.

Service customers can expect that repair work will fix the vehicle's problem correctly the first time. That's Promise No. 8. It ties into Promise No.11, the Transparency Promise. It vows that the dealership will never sell them a car service they don't need or understand.

Perhaps the most compelling promise involves the salespeople. The dealership pledges that its sales staff, which is not on commission, will sell cars that best suit the shoppers' needs, not the ones that earn the salespeople "the biggest commission check." 

Today's car shoppers have many choices of where to buy a car. With so many dealerships vying for car buyers' business, picking out the right dealer can be a challenge. A dealership that promises what it will — and won't — do offers a car shopper more to consider than simply who has the lowest price.

Edmunds says: In this competitive car sales market, customer service is becoming increasingly important. Look for more stores to follow Holler Honda's example.  

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