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Google Self-Driving Cars in Two Accidents in April

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California — Google said its prototype self-driving cars were involved in two minor accidents in April, both near the company's headquarters here in the heart of California's Silicon Valley.

The first incident occurred in Palo Alto on April 7, when a specially equipped version of the Lexus RX 450h was stopped behind traffic at a red light. Another vehicle attempted to pass on the right shoulder and its mirror lightly grazed the side of the Google Lexus. There were no injuries and the Google vehicle sustained no damage, the company said.

The second incident occurred in Palo Alto on April 28, when one of Google's self-designed "bubble car" prototypes was travelling in autonomous mode and yielded for traffic before making a right turn. While the Google car was stopped, another vehicle traveling at about 9 mph struck the Google car's rear bumper, causing minor damage to both vehicles, according to Google. There were no injuries reported.

Google in early May said it is now testing about 70 self-driving cars, in Mountain View, California; Austin, Texas; Kirkland, Washington; and Phoenix, Arizona. The company said it is hiring test-drivers now in Phoenix.

Edmunds says: The Google self-driving fleet continues to rack up the miles —  more than 2 million at this point.

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