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Edmunds Signs Deal to Provide Automotive Content to AP

Edmunds has signed an agreement to provide authoritative automotive content to global news network The Associated Press.

Under the innovative deal, Edmunds provides content to the AP's "Behind the Wheel" column featuring vehicle comparisons, insider car shopping tips, timely consumer advice and expert automotive opinions. The weekly stories, which appear on Wednesday mornings, are bylined by Edmunds editors. AP offers them to its vast network of member news organizations and customers worldwide.

"This collaboration makes perfect sense: The Associated Press has a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted independent news sources, and Edmunds is known as one of the most trusted resources for unbiased automotive information," said Edmunds CEO Avi Steinlauf. "We're thrilled to leverage the expertise of our industry-leading vehicle testing and consumer advice teams to help the AP's millions of readers find their perfect vehicle."

The agreement helps AP offer to its news outlets worldwide a wide array of stories on consumer-focused automotive topics. It also gives more car shoppers access to the insightful and useful articles created by one of the largest and most experienced editorial teams in the automotive world.

"We are pleased to be working with Edmunds to offer additional automotive content to AP's members and customers that's timely and useful," said Lisa Gibbs, director of news partnerships for AP. "The content provided by the experts at Edmunds aligns with AP's mission of accurate, unbiased reporting."

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