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Brandon Honda of Tampa Puts Customers Right Through to Talk to Owner

Just the Facts:
  • Brandon Honda of Tampa's Web site invites people to exchange e-mail directly with the dealership's owner.
  • Owner John Marazzi gets the messages in his personal e-mail account and responds personally.
  • Marazzi said he helps "99 percent of upset customers" resolve their complaints and has generated up to 35 additional deals each month through the feature.

TAMPA, Florida — In these days of increasing difficulty in reaching a real person, dealer Brandon Honda has cut to the chase: Anyone can e-mail the dealership owner directly and get a personal response.

Owner John Marazzi and his dog are prominently pictured on the dealer's Web site under the "Talk to the Owner" tab, and anyone can write to him about anything.

Marazzi told Edmunds he gets three to four e-mails a day, delivered to his personal inbox, and he responds to them personally.

He called it "an opportunity to fix any problems" and said he gets a wide variety of messages. Among those are complaints, although he said he's able to help resolve 99 percent of those. Other messages have included "suggestions, employment inquiries, service issues, sales issues?and shout-outs" for specific employees in sales, service, or finance at the dealership.

People also write in to say they love the dealership mascot, Zeus, a rescue dog who comes to the dealership every day with Marazzi and has his own Facebook page.

Marazzi estimates that up to 35 deals a month are begun directly through the Talk to the Owner feature.

"People are blown away that they can reach the owner in real time and that he replies to every e-mail," Marazzi said.

Marazzi became owner of Honda brand specialist Brandon Honda in September 2011. It's a member of the 12-dealership Morgan Auto Group.

Edmunds says: This is a simple way to keep the leader in touch with what's going on out there in the customer base.

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