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Boston Volvo Village Makes Swedish Pride a Major Part of Its Identity

Just the Facts:
  • A Volvo dealer group shows off an XC90 at its Boston dealership that's constructed completely out of Lego blocks, another Scandinavian brand.
  • The dealership has been in business since 1957 and has expanded into a group that supplies Volvos and other brands all over the New England region.
  • For 15 years, the Village Automotive Group has also run the annual Swedish Car Day.

BOSTON — Volvos are Swedish. Legos come from Denmark, its Scandinavian next-door neighbor. And Boston Volvo Village takes full advantage of that fact by displaying a Volvo XC90 made entirely of Lego blocks. It's part of the Village Automotive Group's market identity as the leading purveyor of Swedish cars in New England, dating back to 1957.

Marketing Director Phil Jackson told Edmunds that the Lego XC90 "has working lights, and it rolls into our showroom on real wheels."

He called it "simply fun to have. While adults love it, it is very cool for kids to see and interact with. Maybe by displaying the Lego XC90...we can help make the car-buying or car-servicing experience a little easier for the families who come in every day."

The dealership also has a large fish tank and a play area for kids.

The Lego car is one of two XC90s made out of Legos, which were created back when Volvo's U.S. headquarters were located near Legoland California, Jackson said. Boston Volvo Village gets to keep the brick XC90 "until another Volvo dealer asks for it," he told Edmunds.

The old-country ties don't end there: Village Automotive Group just concluded the 15th annual Swedish Car Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, just outside Boston.

Back in 2000, Boston Volvo Village and Charles River Saab, another member of the Village Automotive Group, started Swedish Car Day to "create some synergy between the two stores," according to Pierre Belperron, service manager at Volvo Village of Danvers and the driving force behind Swedish Car Day. From its start with 60 Saab and Volvo vehicles on the lawn, Swedish Car Day has grown to more than 200 cars, turning the one-day event into "one of the largest gatherings for Saab and Volvo owners," Belperron told Edmunds.

"This year, we had one participant who drove from California expressly to attend," he said.

Although the event is meant to gather people who already own a Swedish car, Belperron said there is "absolutely" a positive effect on the dealership group, in part because customers come in for service and parts when they are in the area for the event.

In a larger sense, though, he said, the event and related publicity "are all there to create and disseminate a culture" that gives the dealership group "a strong identity when attracting new customers," he said.

The next Swedish Car Day is scheduled for Sunday, August 23, 2015.

Edmunds says: "When it comes to Volvo, no one matches our experience, our value and our dedication," reads the description on Boston Volvo Village's Web site. No one matches its fidelity to the brand's Scandinavian heritage, either.

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