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2014 Cadillac Escalade Spy Video

Our spy shooters have captured the next-generation Cadillac Escalade under camouflage. It's quite obvious that the 2014 Escalade will still be a very large and imposing vehicle, but GM has said that it will be less loud and showy than its predecessors that helped make "bling" a household term.

It should be no surprise that the Escalade will be based on GM's next-generation full-size truck platform dubbed GMT900. It will also be shared with the next Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon, but we should expect even greater design differentiation between those models and the Escalade.

The new GMT900 full-size trucks get all-new V8s, including a 6.2-liter that's almost certainly bound for this Escalade. There have been rumors of a twin-turbo V6, but we expect this new Escalade to be eight-cylinder only, at least for now.

GM is promising that the Escalade will have a wider appeal than the current model, but it's an absolute cash cow for Cadillac, so we can't imagine radical changes that would put off the current customer base. Look for the all-new Escalade to ditch the camo sometime this year.

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