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Treasure Coast Lexus Opens the Door to Customer Loyalty

FORT PIERCE, Florida — One of Lexus' mantras is to treat every customer "as a guest in our home." For Treasure Coast Lexus, that covenant even means house calls.

Sales Associate Joe Blumenthal drove nearly 30 minutes to clients Joyce Racine and Gary Smith's house after Smith took delivery of a 2015 Lexus GX 460, his first Lexus. Smith had left his garage-door opener at home, so Blumenthal dropped by to pair the opener with the HomeLink system, technology used to control gates, garages and lights.

During the process, he discovered Smith's opener had a dead battery. Rather than give up, Blumenthal removed the battery from his own personal garage-door opener and put it in Smith's.

To take the good deed one step farther, while pairing the opener, he noticed that the chain that raises and lowers Smith's door was dangerously loose.

"My family owns a garage-door business, so I knew just what to do," Blumenthal told Edmunds.

He borrowed a ladder and two half-inch wrenches and tightened the chain. 

The family was grateful, offering him a meal, which he declined.

"He was so helpful I was ready to give him a laundry list (of chores)," Smith told Edmunds.

The Smiths never forgot him. When it came time for their son, who lives in Vermont, to buy a car, they called Blumenthal again and had a pre-owned 2004 Lexus GX 470 delivered from Florida to Vermont.

"By going the extra mile, I made another deal with the family," Blumenthal said.

Edmunds says: A dealership that makes house calls leads to loyal customers.

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