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OnStar's New Services Include Doughnut Deals, Driver Report Cards

LAS VEGAS GM subsidiary OnStar is setting itself up as a major personal assistant to drivers, rolling out new services that will help with everything from deals at Dunkin' Donuts to detailed driving assessments that may lead to discounted insurance offers.

OnStar previewed its new AtYourService offering at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The new service offers in-car retail coupons, hotel bookings and restaurant incentives.

AtYourService will roll out in the U.S. and Canada starting with partners like Dunkin' Donuts and Priceline.com.

GM said the new service "will continue to grow over time with new capabilities and more partnerships."

When a driver requests directions to a place like Dunkin' Donuts, the merchant can send a special offer.

"We'll bring value to GM drivers while driving those consumers to our stores with instant incentives," said Scott Hudler, vice president of Global Consumer Engagement for Dunkin' Donuts, in a statement.

Beginning in early 2015, OnStar subscribers with a full-service plan will be able to book a hotel through an OnStar advisor courtesy of a deal with Priceline.com.

GM said this is a way for consumers to get "on-the-go accommodations."

In another OnStar upgrade that begins this summer, customers can sign up for a new service that grades them on their driving and may lead to discounts from Progressive Insurance.

Participants will get a detailed driving assessment at the end of a 90-day evaluation period. Only customers who ask for the evaluation will be included in the program.

The report card will "reveal how the customer performed in important driving metrics, comparing that customer against an aggregate of other anonymous enrolled customers," GM said in a statement. "Driving tips will be provided by OnStar based on a customer's individual assessment characteristics."

This is the first time that OnStar is tracking actual driving behavior, GM noted.

GM said Progressive Insurance is the first insurance company that will use OnStar data to "evaluate actual driving behavior, subject to explicit customer consent, to offer driving-based insurance discounts."

The assessment program is expected to be available for all 2016 GM models, most 2015 models and some 2013 and 2014 models, starting this summer.

Edmunds says: OnStar isn't just for emergencies and driving directions, as these new programs prove.

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