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Grubbs Nissan Wins Big With Weight-Loss Contest

BEDFORD, Texas — Keith Wilde, the sales manager at Grubbs Nissan, dreams big, as in 2015 Nissan Versa big.

Wilde put together a "Greatest Loser" weight-loss contest at the Dallas/Fort Worth area dealership and by the time the contest closes on May 1, he'd love to be able to say the contest participants lost the weight of a Versa — all 2,363 pounds (curb weight) of it.

While it is a lofty goal, Wilde told Edmunds the participants are on their way. In the first three weeks, they recorded a collective weight loss of 189 pounds with about 40 percent of the workforce voluntarily participating.

At stake is a lot of money — at least $2,500 each, depending how much outside vendors offer to sponsor the contest — as well as weekly incentive prizes, like cookbooks, yoga mats and bragging rights. The winners will be determined by percent of body weight lost and total weight loss for both male and female participants.

To enter the contest, participants paid a registration fee of $50 or $100, depending on whether they elected to have a private weigh-in or a public one, the less expensive way. Grubbs Nissan matched each registration fee to make the jackpot higher.

Wilde started the contest after he embarked on his own weight-loss journey. He felt like the dealership team would benefit from joining together in a fun contest to promote healthy habits.

"It's created this great camaraderie," Wilde said. "I see people coming together, cheering each other on and helping each other. We had some of the staff pay the participation fee for others who wanted to join but felt it was out of their budget. It's really brought everyone closer."

He's certain it will help sell more cars, too.

"It means we will have more energy and that will lead to better production and a healthier staff probably with less sick days," he pointed out. "I can't help but think it's the camaraderie that will help the most."

Edmunds says: Happier and healthier employees equal happier car shoppers.

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