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Dogs and Cars Are Unbeatable Combination, Dealerships and Automakers Discover

DEARBORN, Michigan — More and more dealerships and automakers are discovering that our four-legged friends may be the best sales people.

A YouTube video released by Ford Today last week shows poodles and terriers racing to go for car rides in the Ford C-Max, Escape and Focus.

"Who better to have by your side on the road than your favorite furry companion?" says an accompanying text. "Pets are always there for us. Go further for your dog and plan a car ride. Nose-smudges on the windows and car-side drool are worth it just to see your dog's ears flapping in the wind."

Dealerships ranging from Lexus of Santa Fe to Dunning Subaru in Ann Arbor, Michigan use dogs in a variety of capacities, from showroom greeter to TV advertisement co-star.

Helping with pet-friendly charities is a major focus for many dealerships.

Burlington Subaru in Vermont on Sunday updated its Facebook page with the comment: "We're proud to sponsor and partner in this year's (local) Walk for the Animals."

Subaru has made dogs a centerpiece of its marketing, announcing in early June that it will continue its support of pet safety and crash testing of pet-safety products through a partnership with the Center for Pet Safety.

The Japanese automaker noted that 56 percent of American pet owners travel with their pets and one in five admit to traveling with a pet in their lap.

The new study will investigate crate-connection options for pet owners and gather data necessary for developing standards for crate performance in cars.

"Pet safety is very important to Subaru as more than half of Subaru drivers are pet owners, with over 69 percent of them owning at least one dog," said Michael McHale, Subaru's director of corporate communications, in a statement. "We feel a sense of responsibility to inform pet parents of safety measures they can take."

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