Nissan Pulls Back On Battery-Building

By AutoObserver Staff December 13, 2011

Citing a report from a publication in Portugal, Bloomberg news reports today that Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. is suspending production of a plant to produce batteries for electric vehicles. The Portugese newspaper reported that Nissan has concluded that its four manufacturing plants already producing lithium-ion batteries will be able to produce battery packs for 1.5 million  EVs in 2016.

Nissan offered no estimate on if or when construction on the Portuguese battery factory might continue. Auto industry analysts recently have presented less-optimistic projections for EV sales, citing a number of factors that include continuing global economic roil and a new technology for conventionally powered cars that enables high levels of fuel economy. In the United States, Nissan recently added nine more states to the list of those selling the Leaf battery-electric car and recently pushed global sales of the seminal EV to 20,000 units.

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