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Finding the Right Car For You Video gives you 10 simple steps to find the right car for you. Make sure to read the full Edmunds article 10 Steps to Finding the Right Car for You .

  1. Start your search with what you can afford and make sure your car payment doesn't exceed 20 percent of your total take-home pay.
  2. Then, consider the hidden costs of car buying, including insurance costs, registration fees, taxes, fuel costs, maintenance and service.
  3. Try to focus on your needs rather than your wants.
  4. Make sure to try similar cars in the class.
  5. Use Edmunds calculators to estimate monthly payments.
  6. Contact dealers to get price quotes.
  7. It's a good idea to create a target list of three cars.
  8. Make appointments through the Internet sales department for a test-drive.
  9. Make back-to-back test-drives. In each, visualize being in the car every day and drive it in a variety of driving situations. Going on a long test-drive is OK.
  10. Don't buy that day. Go home and sleep on it.
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