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Lucid's Sub-$50K SUV Is One of Several Midsize Vehicles on the Way

The company says we can expect to see three vehicles, but a sedan likely isn't in the cards

2024 Lucid Gravity hard front
  • Lucid is working on a new midsize vehicle platform.
  • The first vehicle to come from this will be a sub-$50,000 EV.
  • Two other models — another SUV and a lifestyle-oriented crossover — are expected to follow.

Earlier this week, Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson confirmed the company is working on a midsize electric SUV, expected to arrive in late 2026. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Edmunds has learned about Lucid's plans to expand its new midsize platform to include a second crossover, as well as a more rugged, lifestyle-oriented vehicle.

The first SUV to launch on the midsize platform will have a starting price below $50,000, with Rawlinson estimating an MSRP "around $48,000." This will be a high-volume model; Rawlinson has previously told Edmunds that the midsize SUV will help Lucid increase its scale, making it easier for the company to introduce additional vehicles.

Lucid's first midsize SUV will likely be sized similarly to a Fisker Ocean or Porsche Macan but will obviously start at a much lower price point.

2025 Lucid Gravity dashboard and front interior

Beyond that, Lucid will introduce two other crossover vehicles. One of which has a more coupe-like shape with wide rear haunches, as well as a pronounced roof rack. This should be a vehicle geared more toward active lifestyle types. Think something along the lines of a Rivian R3, or perhaps the rugged-cute R3X.

When asked if Lucid's midsize platform would eventually spawn a sedan — think a smaller version of the company's existing Air — Rawlinson said that, while anything is possible, this isn't the immediate plan. Lucid needs its future crossovers and SUVs to help with economies of scale, and sedan models aren't feasible until that happens.

For now, Lucid is gradually updating its Air lineup; the Grand Touring recently received upgrades brought from the range-topping Sapphire. Lucid will also soon launch the Gravity three-row SUV, with sales expected to kick off before the end of the year.

Edmunds says

By introducing a midsize SUV with a competitive price point, Lucid is aiming right for the heart of the EV market. We hope to see this one soon.