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Westchester Toyota Highlights the Fun Factor on Facebook

YONKERS, New York — A picture may be worth a thousand words but for Westchester Toyota, it means thousands of likes.

The dealership is using its Facebook page as a means to entertain the community rather than use it to move 2015 Highlander SUVs or Avalons, General Sales Manager David Lee told Edmunds.

It's working, Lee notes, pointing out the page has about 11,000 likes and its readership is engaged.

Westchester Toyota regularly hosts a "Caption This" contest with a comical picture. The wittiest comment wins a prize, typically movie tickets or another night-out reward.

Furthermore, the dealership has teamed up with a local no-kill animal shelter that chooses a Pet of the Week to highlight on the Facebook page and help get it adopted.

It also shows where the cheapest gas can be found and occasionally links to a history lesson about New York.

"Most of us spend 70 to 80 hours at work and we want an escape," Lee said. "Ours isn't the typical automotive dealership Facebook page that is there to sell cars. We are more socially relevant."

The biggest compliment Lee's gotten is when people who are familiar with his dealership like his Facebook page because of its entertainment value.

"It doesn't matter that they aren't a customer yet because they may be one in the future," Lee said.

Edmunds says: Entertaining folks on Facebook has proven a creative way for this dealership to stand out from the crowd.

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