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Verizon Vehicle Aims To Connect Older Cars

DETROIT Verizon Vehicle is a new technology offering that aims to connect "disconnected" older cars. It debuted on Tuesday at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

The new product links older cars to the Verizon wireless network, enabling drivers to get roadside assistance and service advice.

The service will cost $14.99 per month and is set to roll out in April.

Verizon Vehicle will connect more than 200 million vehicles in the U.S. that aren't connected to the Internet, cellular towers or global positioning satellites. The service will be compatible with more than 9,000 makes and models of cars and trucks sold in the U.S. since 1996.

"It affords millions of drivers the power of knowing when things aren't working well, potentially before a breakdown occurs — fostering a safer, smarter and more economical way to drive and maintain a vehicle," said Erik Goldman, president of Verizon Telematics, in a statement.

He added that Verizon Vehicle "modernizes the traditional roadside assistance offerings which, for the most part, haven't been updated in 50 years."

The service can explain why the check-engine light is on in the car and provide GPS-directed roadside assistance.

Users must install a diagnostic code reader under the dash and clip a Bluetooth speaker to the visor. The service enables the user to press a button to connect live with a certified mechanic or call for help in an emergency.

The service also has a smartphone app that can help find a parked car or track the vehicle if it's stolen.

Drivers don't have to subscribe to Verizon as their wireless provider to purchase the service.

Edmunds says: This is a smart and relatively affordable way for you to bring your older vehicle into the connected world.

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