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Richfield-Bloomington Honda Grows Its Service Business One Pothole at a Time

RICHFIELD, Minnesota —  Richfield-Bloomington Honda, which is part of the Tom Wood Auto Group, discovered its Minnesota location creates business opportunities for the dealership's service department.

It recently added some unusual offerings — a stand-alone undercoating bay and a wheel reconditioning and straightening machine — to take care of vehicles affected by the road salt and potholes that emerge during the harsh winter weather.

Not only is the specialty equipment attracting dealership customers, but other auto businesses are outsourcing their wheel reconditioning, straightening services and undercoating to the dealership.

"There is a higher demand for this (straightening) service than you think," Gordy Ecklund, parts manager, told Edmunds.

The dealership has a similar $100,000 machine in Indianapolis at Tom Wood Volkswagen, where its staff received the training to use it, he said.

"We developed a flier to tell our wholesalers and other businesses to let them know we can do this work ourselves," helping them grow the service business, Ecklund said.

The incentive to install the equipment and add the undercoating bay was to please the customer by making it a one-stop shop, Ecklund explained.

It also allows the dealership to have control of the workflow, making it a quicker turnaround, rather than hiring an outside vendor to perform the work.

"This is all about customer satisfaction," Ecklund said.

Edmunds says: Thinking outside the pothole helps this dealership's service department grow.

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