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Latest Takata Airbag Recall Includes Some Replacement Inflators

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan — Some consumers who have had defective airbags replaced on their cars may have to take those vehicles back to dealers to have them repaired again, according to airbag supplier Takata Corporation.

The Japanese parts maker said the next wave of recalls will cover about 14 million potentially defective inflators, most of them used on passenger-side airbags. Details will be made public on May 16.

The Takata inflators could rupture and spray metal shards into vehicle occupants. The ruptured inflators have caused at least 10 deaths and more than 100 injuries in the U.S. since the first recalls were announced in 2008.

NHTSA said the expanded recall announced this week will add 35-40 million defective inflators to the nearly 29 million already recalled. In mid-April, the safety agency said as many as 85 million Takata inflators eventually could be recalled.

The "likely root cause" of the inflator ruptures is a "function of time, temperature cycling and environmental moisture," NHTSA said, adding that "manufacturing variability" by Takata also could be a contributing factor.

The latest wave of recalls will be conducted in five phases through December 2019, NHTSA said, starting first with older vehicles in areas of high heat and humidity. The specific vehicles and the number of additional vehicles involved in the recall expansion have not been disclosed. It will be up to vehicle manufacturers to inform NHTSA of which ones are part of the latest recall.

Honda and Mazda were among the first automakers to respond to the latest recall announcement.

Honda said the latest recall will affect only passenger-side airbag inflators in its vehicles, and that it will not be able to specify which of those vehicles are affected until "some time" after Takata provides details on May 16.

Mazda said that it is "currently investigating" which of its vehicles may be affected by the expanded recall, but noted that none of its 2016 models contain Takata driver or passenger front airbag inflators.

Edmunds says: Look for more details on May 16 as to which parts in which vehicles could be affected by this latest recall.

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