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Jack Key Auto Group Locks Onto Clever Contest

LAS CRUCES, New MexicoJack Key Auto Group has put its own spin on the "I Spy" game with a clever new contest.

The dealership discovered the key to a successful social-media contest by listening to its own workforce.

During a brainstorming marketing session, a customer-service employee told the staff about a game she plays with her kids while driving. Whoever finds the most of her employer's key-shaped Jack Key emblems on the backs of cars around town, wins.

The auto group and its advertising and marketing agency, The LNG Company, declared the idea brilliant.

They launched the "Find the Key" social-media contest November 15, complete with a kid-friendly video. Those who snap photos of the keys and post them on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or Facebook using hashtag #FindtheKey or #jackkey are entered to win prizes daily, weekly and monthly.

The contest runs through January 5, 2015.

"Right now Jack Key has the most watched page in the region," said Chris Lang, founder of LNG.

Many are eager to get the free movie tickets, pizzas and golf-course fees, among other prizes.

"People ask if this is selling cars and it has," Lang told Edmunds. "We're over 1,000 cars year-to-date and up 60 units since running the campaign."

While they're still figuring out the grand prize, the popularity of the contest has really "struck a chord with the age 25-to-40 customer," Lang said.

Not to mention kids on long car trips who now have something to do.

"It's quite fun to see everyone across town counting the keys," he added.

Edmunds says: We Spy a brilliant dealership marketing tool.

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