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Honda's Nationwide Takata Recall Adds 3.2 Million Vehicles

TORRANCE, California Honda's decision last week to expand a nationwide recall of driver-side airbags will add another 3.2 million vehicles to the action, a Honda spokesman told Edmunds. The expansion is part of the ongoing Takata recall crisis.

"We expect the total number of affected vehicles in the upcoming safety improvement campaign for driver's front inflators to be approximately 6 million vehicles nationwide," wrote Chris Martin, a Honda spokesman, in response to a query. "This number includes approximately 2.8 million vehicles previously included in the regional safety improvement campaign announced in June."

Rick Schostek, a Honda North America executive vice president, told a House subcommittee last Wednesday that the automaker believes "that a parts shortage may occur despite Takata's efforts to increase the supply of inflators."

Honda has been in discussions with two other parts suppliers, Autoliv and Daicel, about expanding the production of replacement parts.

"These talks have been encouraging and we believe will ultimately reduce the duration of any shortage," Schostek said.

Consumers in "high risk areas," including Gulf Coast states with high humidity, will get first priority in the expanded recall.

"For customers whose vehicles cannot be immediately repaired, Honda has instructed our dealers to provide loaner or rental vehicles at no cost," Schostek said.

Honda has not provided specifics about the expanded recall at this point.

With the addition of another 3 million vehicles by Honda, 10 automakers have now recalled nearly 11 million vehicles since 2013 for airbags that may rupture.

The defective airbag inflators in the Takata airbags can explode and spray metal shrapnel at vehicle occupants.

Edmunds says: Honda says more details about the expanded recall will be coming shortly. In the meantime, concerned consumers should stay in touch with their dealer for next steps.

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