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Honda Will Replace Takata Airbags Upon Request

WASHINGTON — Concerned Honda customers nationwide can work with their dealers to replace airbags not covered by the regional Takata airbag recall, the automaker said in a document posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Web site.

"It is our practice to repair these vehicles outside of these regions at the request of concerned customers," the document dated November 6 said. "Additionally, we have a customer service procedure that addresses individual customer needs and concerns and encompasses, as appropriate, the replacement of airbag inflators and the provision of or reimbursement for temporary alternative transportation."

Honda has said there is no safety concern for Honda vehicles outside the high-humidity areas where the vehicles have been recalled.

"Since announcing the regional safety improvement campaigns in June, we have encouraged concerned customers to contact their local dealer or our customer service offices, and we've worked with each customer in an attempt to resolve their individual concerns," wrote Honda spokesman Chris Martin in response to an Edmunds query.

The current recall of Honda vehicles with Takata airbags includes about 2.8 million vehicles sold or registered in high-humidity states.

NHTSA on Tuesday called for a nationwide recall of vehicles with certain driver-side frontal airbags made by Japanese supplier Takata.

Edmunds says: Concerned Honda owners should be in touch with their dealers for next steps.

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