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Honda of Seattle's Hardest-Working Employee Is 86-Year-Old Douglas Wescott

SEATTLE — There's a lot going on at Honda of Seattle, a dealership with three buildings located in the center of the city. But Douglas Wescott, age 86, keeps everything going smoothly, just as he has done for 52 years as an employee at the Honda dealer.

General Sales Manager Joe Tunney told Edmunds that Wescott is responsible for keeping the dealership running smoothly behind the scenes. Under the informal title of Ambassador, he said, Wescott handles and distributes the mail, "makes sure we have the coffee machine and snack area full and complete, cups lined up, and everything looks first-class for our guests," Tunney said.

But this is far from a restful job, Tunney emphasized.

"Our dealership is set up with three different locations on three corners of a city interchange, and he carries big boxes" including coffee cups and lids and other supplies among the three buildings. "He passes by everyone, always on the move," he said.

Wescott was a shuttle driver for a long time before moving to office logistics. When asked if Wescott has any plans to retire, Tunney said, "Oh, no, gosh, not even close."

And why should he? Wescott is clearly held in high esteem at Honda of Seattle.

"He has his own front-door parking spot. None of the rest of us do," said Tunney. "Not even the owner. Everyone else parks across the street."

Edmunds says: This is a dealer who knows how to retain employees and find work that fits their strengths. The agile octogenarian must be a positive role model, too.

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